Update on Medicaid and the status of DRA in Illinois

Our office continues to monitor the status of the proposed changes to the Medicaid eligibility rules in Illinois, which are currently pending before the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (J-CAR). We have been advised that the Department of Health Care and Family Services has made certain revisions to the rules, since filing the Second Notice regarding the proposed rule changes to implement the changes to the Medicaid eligibility rules mandated by the federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA). The actual changes, however, are not available for review. Pursuant to information that was shared with the public at the April 12, 2011 J-CAR meeting, it appears that the rules as proposed still exceed the changes mandated by the DRA. J-CAR has continued the consideration of these rule changes to its May 10, 2011 meeting (time and location to be determined). On behalf of our clients and other seniors, we are encouraging the members of J-CAR to vote to prohibit the proposed rule changes as currently drafted. We are, likewise, encouraging others who are concerned that the proposed rules, as drafted, exceed the mandates of the DRA and unfairly penalize senior citizens in Illinois to contact the members of J-CAR and make your voices heard. For additional information as to how to contact members of J-CAR by telephone, fax, or mail, please contact our office at 630-844-0065; or by email at cbr@mickeywilson.com.

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