About the Elder Law Center

Since 1991, the Elder Law Center, P.C., has been focusing on the legal needs of seniors and their families. It is our belief that good legal planning now can provide asset preservation that will bring peace of mind, relieve stress and worry, and conserve financial resources that truly took a lifetime to build.

Additionally, we focus on advanced planning that can eliminate problems before they arise and fast solutions for unexpected problems when they do occur.

The Elder Law Center, P.C., is a division of Mickey, Wilson, Weiler, Renzi, Lenert, & Julien, P.C. located in Sugar Grove, Illinois (Kane County), in Chicago’s Western Suburbs.  To contact an elder law attorney, please call 630-844-0065.

Elder Law Center, P.C.
140 S. Municipal Dr.
Sugar Grove, IL 60554
630-844-0065 phone
Email: Elder Law Center, P.C.
Visit our Website- www.elderlawpc.com

About Mickey Wilson Law Firm

As noted above, the Elder Law Center, P.C. is a division of the law firm of Mickey, Wilson, Weiler, Renzi, Lenert, &  Julien, P.C.  Mickey Wilson concentrates in Local Government Law, Municipal Law, School Law, Real Estate, Corporate Law and Civil Litigation, including Sexual Harassment and Personal Injury.  Visit the Mickey Wilson website at www.mickeywilson.com.


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